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Lock it Cup

Personally, I have no issue with other people using my coffee mug. It increases the chance of me picking up a wicked case of cooties and girls love cooties. Seems Israeli designer Efrat Gommeh has other plans. His Lock Cup is a basic coffee mug with a hole in it. A plug for the hole with a keyring is included ...

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Hot Jack Mug

A genius design that is based on the basics of temperature. The Hot Mug is your standard coffee-carrier with a sleek black finish and the words “COLD” printed on the side. Pour a cup of brew and next thing you know, the words “HOT” have appeared and your mug is whiter than an NYU Law party. Simple design, big bold ...

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Shakin’ — Not Stirred

Science has finally advanced in such a way that we’ve completely eliminated the middle man for stirring drinks: the spoon. Any beverages that need mixing can be done with this mug‘s self-mixer, an innovative design, invented by French students. The bottle-neck form of the lower half of the self-mixing mug allows you to stir your drink by simply holding the ...

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Get Your Own Portal Beer Stein

Raise your hand if you you like to get drunk and play video games. Alright, now that your boss is wondering why you just stuck your hand in the air, you might as well give in to your inner-gamer and quit. I mean, after purchasing this Portal-themed beer stein for $15, you’re going to be spending all your time drinking ...

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Drink Selector Mug Aids Your Slave In Serving The Right Drink

I take my coffee like I take my woman. Bitter, with a dash of hazelnut and a pair of work boots to the testes. The Drink Selector Mug offers interchangeable rotating bands which clearly states which drink contents you are currently interested in. And while it can’t deliver a brute face bashing or scare you into saving the environment, it ...

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Global Warming Mug Plans Our Demise

Sure, this mug might not be as risque as the Undress Me Mug, but the message is even more powerful. As the mug heats up, the pictured ice caps vanish before your eyes, offering a pleasant message with your morning coffee and bagel. If the mug gets hot enough, all that’s left is water. Lots and lots of water. Is ...

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