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ZVUE 250 fits your Christmas budget @ $100

Maybe it isn’t a piece of amazing design work, but it is certainly a great deal. The ZVUE 250 personal media player is priced at $99.95. That’s under a hundred dollars! If you were to just read the features you’d think that it would be at least $200. It has a 2.5-inch active matrix backlit screen; it plays WMA, WMV, ...

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Samsung’s YP-K3 Out-Sexy’s Nano (Maybe)

Samsung’s new YP-K3 MP3 player is dead sexy. Sleek lines, few buttons, and a sharp-looking display push this little wonder high up the ranks of sexy DAPs. The YP-K5’s little brother, without the built-in speaker touted by its older sibling, the YP-K3 is set to debut at CES 2007. The YP-K3 boasts a 1.8-inch screen, and Samsung claims it’s their ...

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