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Movie Posters From Alternate Angles

Movie posters are almost as much a part of pop culture as movies are themselves. A good poster can make or break an opening weekend. Ad agency Y&R created these awesome alternate angle movie posters for LG's 3D sound advertising campaign.

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Alternative Star Wars Posters Inspired By Other Popular Movie Posters

Apparently, other movies exist besides Star Wars. And Flickr user Old Red Jalopy uses the posters from these mythical movies as inspiration for, what else, but alternative Star Wars posters. Included in these imaginary renderings are posters inspired by Full Metal Jacket, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas and American Beauty. I can only assume that Mark Hammill and Harrison Ford star in ...

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When Movies Mate

Worth1000, the king of the Photoshop contests, loves to mess around with the cinema. And the site’s users just eat it up. Their Mate a Movie contest challenges photo crafters to join two or more movies together and create a poster for said movie. The results, as you can see for yourself, are often hilarious. If you’re not feeling Incontinent ...

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If Modern Movies Were Packaged Like Retro Video Games…

There’s something about the packaging of Atari-era games that really strikes my design fancy. The minimalistic bit style was both honest and gorgeous. I actually don’t think I’d mind if modern movie posters were designed in the same style. Some modern posters could certainly use the revision. Or at least a few zombies added here or there. Hit the jump ...

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Movie Poster Mash-Ups

Living in a major city, you see tons of movie and theater posters pasted on every inch of the city’s walls. The high majority of these posters are defaced in some way. Torn or covered in graffiti. It usually pisses me off to see an artists work defaced, but these movie poster mash-ups are just awesome. I’d so see most ...

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