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Wireless speaker mouse pad takes it way too far

Integration of devices can always be taked one (or more) steps too far. The Wireless Speaker Mouse takes it about four steps too far. 1:You really don’t want crappy speakers at your fingertips. Go buy yourself a decent 2.1 speaker set and forget about this. 2:A calculator in your mousepad? Why? You are sitting at a computer which is made ...

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Magic Slate Mousepad: Doodle and Drag

Remember those Magic Slate drawing pads from when you were a kid? You know the ones. You’d draw a little picture, or if you were like me, draw an indistinguishable blob of squiggle, lift up the page to erase and start all over. ThinkGeek has employed this technology into the Scratch & Scroll, part Magic Slate, part mousepad. A true ...

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Condom Mousepad Prevents Googlerrhea

There’s almost no way to tell your computer’s sexual history if you don’t have the money to fork out for a full diagnostics screening. Especially if you happen to purchase it off eBay or refurbished through a company. Sure, they might say it was thoroughly checked. But you never know what might slip though the crack and let me tell ...

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“Taking Care of Business” Mousepad Keeps Your Appointments in Check

If for some reason you haven’t started using your various devices to keep track of your daily appointments you probably still rely on the old paper calendar. Either that or you’re completely awful with dates. Either way you likely need to make an upgrade. The Taking Care of Business Mousepad keeps your daily appointments in clear view without taking up ...

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Twitter and Facebook Mousepads

Apparently your mousepad is in dire need of a social life. And who are we to hold it back? The Twitter and Facebook Mousepads give your mouse and mousepad an outlet for social networking. It’s about time the mouse showed the keyboard who’s in charge. The keyboard has been walking around with its nose up in the air for far ...

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Thanko Very Much: USB Heated Mousepad

What better way to warm that right hand up? Plug in this cute, blue fish from Thanko and let ‘er rip. Just keep your hand inside while you use the mouse and you’ll be hotter than Sarah Palin. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll get skin cancer or a weird rash from it but who’s counting? $22 and the ...

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