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Bright Side of the Moon

An eco-friendly moon that’s painted on an average cabinet; it’s sure to keep its owner awake all through the night. In the dark, the cabinet creates an illuminating effect that tries to mimic moonlight. Though you can’t grow space beer on it, you can still put your clothes in it. The picture makes the glow look a little too intense ...

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The Green Side Of The Moon

If one day we are forced to expand our lives to the moon, we don’t want to make the same mistakes we’ve made here on Earth. Enter Luna Gaia, a green concept idea for making the moon living experience not only enjoyable, but friendly to the lunar environment. Luna Gaia would be a self-sustaining habitat, which gathers solar energy and ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/08/07

Moon In My Room [Boing Boing] – Not the sort of full moon we’d like in our beds, but cool nonetheless. Yoshitomo Nara Clock [SweatyFrog] – A really cool clock design using 84 art pieces by the artist. Low-Res Man [Core77] – Made out of 1cm acrylic glass cubes, this human figure looks to be a 3D model of a ...

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