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Streamline Mushroom Ambiance Lamp = Groovy

Mario fans will most likely go apeshit over this lamp. It’s a fantastic, smoothed out replica of the mushroom power-up from Super Mario Bros. that doubles as a lamp. But it’s not just any lamp. It’s an Ambiance Lamp. That’s right. Experience the ambiance this lamp has to offer whilst you drink Absinthe and listen to chiptunes in your beautiful ...

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Lightcast yourself a light show

The days of incense and candles are behind us, thank goodness. The future of mood enhancing music lighting is Lightcast. Lightcast produces a mesmerizing light show on walls and ceilings that follows along with your favorite music, producing an out of this world mood setter. Using SmartBeat technology, Lightcast can “hear” the music you play and make educated light movements ...

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