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Solar Donkey Kong Junior

This adorable solar toy is bound to entertain you for — an hour, tops. Still, it’s a neat little gizmo you purchase for 20 dollars and build yourself. It’s a solar powered monkey which climbs to its plastic heart’s content. When the monkey is placed in sunlight it’ll derive power from the sun enabling it to climb the rope, hand ...

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Monkey Controls Robotic Arm With Brain Sensor

Scientists have rigged up two monkeys with tiny sensors in their brains. Through a new process, they’ve learned to control a mechanical arm with only their thoughts. Singularity of mammal and machine is nothing new, though this specific study could pave the way for more human-based experiments. “This study really pulls together all the pieces from earlier work and provides ...

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Hang From The Chandelier Like A Monkey… A Much Less Hairy Monkey

Much of the time, chandeliers are displayed as a room’s luxury centerpiece. Usually made of crystal or glass, I’m always so tempted to jump and swing from every chandelier I see, yet personal property laws tend to deter me from such actions. The Do Swing concept is a light fixture which is made for doing exactly that. Hang from the ...

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