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The Changing World of the Modern Geisha

At the peak of their career, they numbered over 80,000 in Japan. Now, boiled down to a number lower than 1,000, the modern geisha has become more a novelty than the once revered and exclusive figures they once were. Largely the result of a 20-year economic slump in Japan, professional geisha, born and raised into the life of servitude, entertainment ...

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What Changed in the Last Decade? (with Infographic Goodness)

The simple answer. A lot. Forget about the emergence of terrorism as a serious threat to mainland America (and Azeroth). That was only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to technology and pure money spendage, the decade between 1999 and 2009 was a hell of a game changer. The kickass infographic after the jump describes just how much ...

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Monopoly: Recession Edition

Can you take advantage of a suffering economy before your 401k dries up? Can you snatch up enough foreclosed real estate before your rivals own all of the marbles? Well, the few marbles left that is. Thus is the challenge you face playing Monopoly: Recession Edition. This fully-fictional board game allows for a modernly accurate gameplay experience. What other chance ...

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Pixelate Those Pretty Graphics

The Pixelation forum came up with a neat contest for it’s users. They poked at the question, “what would modern games look like on an original Gameboy?” They ask their users to re-create screenshots of their favorite modern games in pixelated Gameboy-form. You’ll find games like Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max, Flashback (not so modern but very ...

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