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We Are the World

An international group of scientists proposes a "knowledge collider" to bring supercomputing to bear on social problems. While crunching the numbers won't be a problem, figuring out what they mean will prove more challenging.

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Foam Brings 3-D Modeling To Life

Doesn’t this photo sculpture by Canadian artist Susy Olivera look a lot like the papercrafts you can make yourself? It’s all polygonal as if it’s straight out of the Playstation One. Susy fashions these 3-D models together using photos and foam. The one shown above is called “Time is Never Wasted.” To me, it bears a resemblance to Alec Trevelyan ...

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Mr. Potato Head Meets Hellboy

Using a little bit of clay and a whole lot of imagination, Ash Ringrose of Mr. PotatoMash has become popular molding clay into a well-made array of pop culture, movie, and cartoon characters. One of his later works is� a Mr. Potato rendition of Hellboy. In light of the upcoming release of the hero’s new movie: Hellboy II: The Golden ...

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