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Numark’s Latest “DJ In A Box”

Years upon years ago, I sold my bass amp and bought a couple of shitty Numarks with a shitty mixer and started DJing. It was a blast and I’ve never regretted it. But now that we’re moving into the 21st century, it’s time to ditch the belt-driven turntables of the past and embrace the digital movement. Numark’s “NUMARK TOTAL COMPUTER ...

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Abelincoln Live Sampler

[google -5886100544585004545[/embed] You absolutely have to check out the above video with audio on. The crude device is called the Abelincoln Live, which is surely a pun on the popular sequencing software Ableton Live. It’s a sampler, so you can do a lot of fun, noisy things with it. Utilizing three voice recorder units and a passive 3-channel mixer, Abelincoln ...

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Reynold Rodriguez DJ Workstation A Work of Art

Unless your name is Paul Van Dyk or Matthew Edwards, chances are you won’t be able to spend $3120 on a DJ workstation. After all, if your card-table-in-the-living-room setup isn’t working out, you’re probably destined for your local bar instead of a nightclub. Those of you who have mastered the 1200s, however, can can gaze upon designer Reynold Rodriguez’s DJ ...

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iPod DJ Mixing Studio For Under $40

The question that springs to mine is “How’d they do it?”. The answer is still unclear, but then again, who the hell cares?! It’s a friggen iPod DJ Mixing Studio for under 40 friggen dollars! The device connects an any iPod or music device with an audio output and lets you create your own digital mixing effects for a minimal ...

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