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Darth Vader Misfits Skull Spotted on City Street

I’m not quite sure of what city this awesome Darth Vader/Misfits Skull wheatpaste graffiti was found, though we do know it was on Lake Street in some city, somewhere. Although the two are unrelated, it sort of works out great. Children of the late 70s are going to be really happy with this one. Link [via]

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Contest Time: Shirts, Shirts, Shirts

Alright ladies and gentlemen. It’s a new week. You’re here at Gearfuse and we appreciate that. We asked Loveislame.com to hook us up with two of these “Alfred E. Misfit” shirts that combine the Misfits’ classic skull logo with the face of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman. We previously showcased the shirt and now we’re offering you, the reader, a ...

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The Alfred E. Neuman Misfits T-Shirt

What’s cooler than the horror punk band the Misfits? Pretty much everything. But mix their infamous skull logo with the endearing visage of MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman and you’ve got yourself a winner. More hip than an Alfred E. Neuman LEGO mosaic but less controversial than Circuit City’s embarrassing moment with Mad Magazine, this shirt is sure to raise ...

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