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Sony To Unleash Magical Mystery Product On Monday

Japanese electronics giant Sony is set to unveil a mysterious new product Monday night at 9 p.m. sharp. No one has any idea what type of device Sony is going to reveal, but on their web site they released a picture of a glowing green power button and promised something that will “redefine” performance, mobility, and style. Based on those ...

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5 Easily Obtainable Gadgets Will Make You A Superhero

Wired.com has compiled a list of easily obtainable gadgets that’ll have you wearing tights quicker than Billy Elliot. If you’ve got cash like Tony Stark, chances are you were born to be a super hero. Super-natural powers are overrated. Batman kicks the piss out of everyone, so all you need are the right gadgets. A grappling hook, jet pack, X-ray ...

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Kiss Me Personal Bad Breath Detector A Reminder You Reek Of Shit

See, Kiss Me is a niche product. While others may have hard nipples from kissing, Kiss Me will ensure you even get to touch some nipples after your date.It works by detecting the odor on your breath. A series of LED lights indicate if your breath smells like Crest Pro Wash (Kissable) or a donkey’s ass (Deadly), so although the ...

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8 Geeky Product And Gadget Combos Of Curiosity

There has been a metaphorical shit-storm of weird products recently, combining odd branding with some of the most obscure of gadgets. And while dropping a brand name on a box in order to sell a few more products isn’t necessarily rare, some of these branding combos are pretty out of this world. The eight gadgets which follow are not only ...

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Building Crap With Other Crap

The Mauger Modern Art gallery is hosting an exhibition for artist Robert Bradford, who creates Technicolor-styled creations using an assortment of old plastic crappy gadgets. Kind of like Nathan Sawaya and his Lego creations, except without the user-friendliness of bricks. His creations include an AK-47, a person, and a doggy, all made with various plastic doodads with a great feel ...

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