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Lockheed Martin Using Spectral Beam Combining to Develop Laser Guns

There have been proposals in the past to incorporate laser weaponry into warfare. But up until now, there had been no practical solution for making a laser weapon small enough or powerful enough to actually use in the field, unless we ever happened to be battling cats. Then we’d be set. Finally, Lockheed Martin might have stumbled on the secret ...

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Robotic Jetpack Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Heartbeat

We’re sure that there are plenty of people who wouldn’t mind strapping into a jet pack and soaring 8,000 feet in the sky at 60 mph, myself included. But out of those people, how many would be willing to not only fly a jetpack, but fly it into the crossfire of a war. Not many. Not to mention the government ...

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Gadgets for Beavers: Cellphone Charger Made Out of Wood

Apparently, being in the Russian military isn’t all fun and vodka. Hanging out in the woods all day might sound like a fantastic time (no, it actually really, really doesn’t), but in reality, it’s a lot rougher than you’d expect. Members of a Chechen troupe of troops have resorted to extreme ways of charging their beloved electronic devices. This handmade ...

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Pentagon Hack Attack

Duck for cover! The Pentagon has been the victim of a cyber attack! The weapon in question is a hybrid computer worm rapidly spreading throughout the Pentagon’s thousands of interconnected defense computer networks. No worries, though. The Department of Defense has taken steps to slowing the worm’s advancement by quarantining networks and systems until its removal. Though the entry point ...

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Batman’s Latest Spy Technology

Is this a spy cam created by the military or is it Batman’s latest gadget? Of course it’s a piece of technology made by the military; Batman is a fictitious comic book character. The Army has awarded the University of Michigan College of Engineering a five year $10 million dollar grant to develop this robotic spy plane which bears an ...

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