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An MP3 Player That Goes Straight Into Your Ear

Thanko might not be known for their practicality, but I think they might be on to something for once. Their Micro Sports MP3 Player looks more like a Bluetooth headset. The device fits right into your ear with a built-in earbud. It’s that tiny. Available in 2GB and 4GB flavors, the Micro Sports MP3 Player looks a little chintzy, but ...

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Contest: Win A JBL On Stage Micro iPod Dock

UPDATE: Contest is over. Thanks to all who entered! Hey! Do you like music? Not good enough. We’re looking for readers who LOVE music and tunes. Know why? Because, simply put, we have two JBL On Stage Micros to give away. It’s a small iPod dock that looks fantastic and packs a lot of power. Have you been looking for ...

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Coming Soon To A War Near You: Mini Dragonfly Robots

Dutch scientists have unveiled the DelFly Micro, an insect-like robot that’s the world’s smallest camera-carrying aircraft. Despite being less than four inches long and weighing only 0.1 oz., the Del Fly is able to stream live broadcast-quality images and to reach speeds of up to 10mph. Features of the DelFly include ultra-light thermoplastic polymers, carbon fibre, a super small lithium ...

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