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Mega Man 9: Call It A Comeback

You’d best get to your local convenience store and stock up on some Mega Man energy drinks because Mega Man 9 is coming – again. Knowing Capcom, it’ll probably come ten more times because Capcom just can’t quit anything. Mega Man 9 has been given a release date of September 24th for the WiiWare in Japan. No word on an ...

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The iPhone Mega: Leaked Shots Of 3G iPhone?

Hold on to your socks, buckaroos. We might have stumbled across a gold mine with this one. So this is what the 3G iPhone looks like. Meet the iPhone Mega, a product which will no doubt soon have people waiting in lines which can only be measured in city blocks. So in reality, this clever take on the iPhone seems ...

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Memorex announces 12GB Mega TravelDrive

Today at CES Memorex unveiled their new 12GB Mega TravelDrive, a monster in the field of USB drives. While this looks a little big to be carrying around on your keychain, the 12GB is more than enough to transfer all the files you want in a single trip. The 1 inch drive is encased in a silver case about the ...

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