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Digital BBQ Tongs Measure Meat Temperature in Half the Time

Alas, the folly of grill-masters worldwide, switching between tongs and your meat thermometer, not only wastes precious time, but potentially leaves the meat to over cook. These Digital BBQ Tongs, though not nearly as fun as digital BBQ thongs, will save you some time, eliminating the switch-off between the thermometer and the grabby tool. A built-in alarm sounds when the ...

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BBQ Branding Iron: Personalize Your Meat

If only it were this easy. If only cattle ranchers could wait until the meat was properly seared before branding their name or symbol onto the animal’s hide. Luckily, as the resident BBQ chef of the house, there’s no need to hurt a weak and powerless animal. Just a dead and cooked one. The BBQ Branding Iron allows you to ...

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Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill Grid: A1 or Well-Done?

How do you like your sausage cooked? Do you mind if I place it in the A1-D1 region and just let it smoke to medium-rare goodness? Or do you like your meat to be black and charred? Don’t you worry, we’ll find the right equation to make sure the Spreadsheet Barbecue Grill cooks your meat exactly how you like it. ...

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Get Back In That Kitchen and Make Me a Scanwich

Us men need us our sammichs. Digital or tactile, we love our pieces of bread to be packed full of meaty goodness. A properly made sandwich is enough to make most of us drool with anticipation. That’s exactly why Scanwiches is such a dirty tease. Scanwiches is a nifty little blog which posts high-res images of cross-cut sandwiches. While you ...

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Paper Turkey For Vegan’s Giving Thanks

Even if you’re a vegan and you keep clear of any consumables that at one time were living, breathing creatures, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great American holiday that is Thanksgiving. Does the sight of a stuffed and beheaded turkey on your table disturb you? Then decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table with a papercraft turkey. It’s fun because, ...

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This Grill Cooks Both Meat and Irony

Let me tell you something, you silly goose. Grilling isn’t a way of cooking, it’s a way of survival. As in, if I don’t eat a fucking burger in the next 45 minutes, I’m going to die of starvation. At least I think so. Either way, you need the Longhorn Steer Grill. It’s not just a grill, it’s a grill ...

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