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Marooned in Mbius

Trapped in a tiny infinity, unaware of its extent, the protagonist of math doodler Vi Hart's drawn dilemma faces a struggle as existential as it is mathematical. Video after the jump.

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My Pizza Pi is 3.142 Times As Good As Yours

How many digits of Pi can you remember, without peeking? The first four decimal places are enough to fill my needs. If you’re interested in memorizing the ubiquitous digits of Pi, the Pizza Pi tray can keep the number fresh in your mind, even when your munching away at a few slices of extra cheese. This plate will take you ...

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Math Powered Light For Mathletes Only

Even if math isn’t exactly your bailiwick, you still can appreciate the idea behind this math-inspired lamp from designer Mingyu Jeung. Until you solve a randomly generated math problem, the lamp remains unlit. So if you’re calculator-dependent, you might be in trouble if you come across this lamp in a dark hallway. Good thing Jeung includes a chalkboard on the ...

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Pop Quiz Clock Causes All Sorts Of Confusion

Nowadays, digital clocks need to be installed in public schools because the human race is evolving into a new, dumber mammal. I embrace this change, however, I still can read an analog clock. I say we make it even harder for our dumb-founded youth, by installing these 11.5-inch clocks in every public school across the nation. Sure, the twelve and ...

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Sudokube Scares The Hell Out Of Your Brain

Mixing together the design of Rubik’s Cube and the brain-teasing mathematics of Sudoku, the Sudokube is a puzzle that your brain might be too scared to even attempt. The product page claims this toy is for Ages 5 and up. What sort of 5-year-old is capable of solving this and where does he live? So I can kick his scrawny ...

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