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USB Crunching Elmo: Because Elmo is Fat

I hate to dis on the red dude, but let’s be honest, Elmo has always carried a little extra weight. That’s what makes him so ticklish and cuddly. Well it seems that Elmo is sick of the fat jokes. The USB Crunching Elmo allows you to plug Sesame Street’s favorite little fat boy into your USB port so Elmo can ...

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Vault Boy’s Bloody Mess

Check out this cool tattoo based on the Fallout 3 perk called Bloody Mess. Kotaku reader David Lo has high hopes for the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. So high that he decided to permanently ink the game’s mascot, Vault Boy, on to his arm.� Fallout 1 and 2 are classics, but Fallout 3 – that remains to be seen.� Here’s to ...

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