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Best Buy Testing Video Game Trade Ins

GameStop, with its icy grip on the retail video game industry, has a new competitor coming up the pipelines. No, Funcoland isn’t making a comeback but rather Best Buy is trying out a trial program that lets customers trade in used video games for store credit. As Brian Crecente of Kotaku points out, this is a fantastic time to be ...

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Android Market Finally Gets Paid Apps

The T-Mobile G1 is really enjoying its time in the limelight thanks to it being the only available Android phone at the moment. With that said, it’s taken Google quite awhile to roll out paid apps on the Android Market. This is no good considering that Apple’s App Store is the undisputed king of application shopping. It’s good to see ...

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Boston Market: LEGO Edition

How does one create such a juicy, delicious masterpiece of brickery? Sure, it doesn’t have 50,000 pieces and may not resemble a George Lucas-inspired spaceship, but hey, if there’s one thing humans love, it’s chicken. Delicious, slow-roasted chicken breast, glazed in honey and PVC plastic. Mmmmm. I wonder how Martin Jaspers, creator of this masterpiece, designed the oven. It’s very ...

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Myspace Drinks The DAP Kool-Aid

Who does Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace.com, think he is? Michael Arrington of TechCrunch? Because he certainly doesn’t think he’s the CEO of MySpace. If he did, he wouldn’t have come up with the crazy notion that MySpace could compete in what is essentially Apple’s market of portable media players. Seriously, a MySpace-branded portable media player? Are you nuts? According ...

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Android Market Features Remote Kill Switch

Planning on designing a malicious app to install on all those G1 phones coming out? Think again. Google reserves the right to “remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion.” Better watch your back! And your privacy! Link

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Madrid’s no cellphone day

In response to rising cellphone charges, citizens in Madrid, Spain has gone on a no-cellphone campaign last week. It is really hard to imagine if you are from places where public phone booths are getting demolished to build new wireless towers. A lot of people in Madrid supported the campaign, but there were people spotted for using the phonebook off ...

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