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Dyna-therms Connected, Infra-cells Up; Mega-thrusters Are Go!

When you’ve got more manga books than you know what to do with, you’ll need some solid bookends. How about these Voltron-themed bookends? It’s the Lion Force working hard to keep those books of yours in check. While I like the Star Wars bookends more, they happen to be sold out, so I’ll need an alternative I can fall back ...

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Pimp (and Animate) My Ride

  Bring the world of anime to your car with these new Itasha anime-themed Spots Cars. Itasha, which literally means “painful car”, are Japanese sports cars which have remained as a relative no name nationwide. These anime cars are sure to get some notice around the geek community. Itasha cars are known for their decals and paint jobs featuring anime, ...

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Japanese graphic art delivered to your cellphone

Fans of the Japanese form of graphic art have become a world wide occurrence. In Japan, it’s more than just a hobby, it’s life. A new service called ComCom, also known as Com2, by Japanese publisher Shinchosha, will deliver around 200 pages a month of the best in Japanese graphic art, directly to subscriber’s cellphones. These art publications are not ...

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