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Shot Glass Printing Machine

Here’s a video of a RepRap machine that can print out its own three-dimensional shot glasses. Does a robot get any cooler than that? Yes. The kind that brings you a beer. Why not get a LEGO Mindstorms setup going on that pours liquor into finished shotglasses? Now there’s an idea. Link

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Make ‘Em: Globes

When I was a wee lad sitting in school, I never had any time to pay attention to my teachings. I was too fascinated by the globe by my desk. I had feverishly wondered how they made the globe reflect the terrain accurately and I now know Google Earth had nothing to do with it. The video above is straight ...

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Making Music With The iPhone

The boys over at iLounge have compiled an excellent list of iPhone apps that can be used to create music. Everything from piano to beats to guitar sounds can be had in the palm of your hand thanks to Apple’s magnificent phone. One particular piece of software, BeatMaker, looks incredibly complex and robust. Chances are you can really get some ...

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