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Toilet Paper Holder That Shits With You

Here at Gearfuse, we can never fulfill our monthly quota of toilet paper related posts, but boy do we try. Speaking of toilet paper, one can never have enough toilet paper holders. Here’s a bathroom buddy kindly providing you with pampering services while it, too relieves itself on the John. It’s a hand-made, 7-inch tall sculpture which possesses a keen ...

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Little Big Pac-Man And Other Little Big Classics

I sure hope you’ve had a chance to dabble with LittleBigPlanet. If you haven’t, you’re certainly missing out on all of the fan-made levels that have flooded Sony servers, causing SOCOM to be unplayable. With all of the creative power behind the game, it’s no surprise players have already started recreating their favorite gaming classics such as Pac-Man, Tetris, Sonic ...

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Make ‘Em: Globes

When I was a wee lad sitting in school, I never had any time to pay attention to my teachings. I was too fascinated by the globe by my desk. I had feverishly wondered how they made the globe reflect the terrain accurately and I now know Google Earth had nothing to do with it. The video above is straight ...

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