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DIY: Macro Photography Made Easily and On The Cheap

Check out this picture. What does it look like to you? If you guessed ballpoint pen, you’re correct. You win absolutely nothing because it wasn’t that difficult of a question to begin with and I’m not writing about a contest. However, if you’re into photography and want to be able to take macro photographs like the one shown above, there’s ...

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LED Macro Ring For When Macro Mode Won’t Cut It

DSLR’s can be tricky when you’re trying to get those ultra-tight macro shots, especially without a detachable viewfinder, since your body has the tendancy to cast a shadow on your subject. If you don’t have the right lenses, you might as well be using a point and shoot. While a wide assortment of point and shoots take macro shots pretty ...

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Tarantula keyboard gives you the upper edge on the n00bs

Keyboards take the most physical abuse from us gamers. The constant pounding during games, then followed by the unnecessary slam when a damn n00b gets lucky with a sniper rifle. Your keyboard is what can make all the difference when you need to punch out those complex key combos to blow everyone up. The Tarantula gamers keyboard takes this into ...

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