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Android 5.0: Lollipop Gets Serious About Security

It’s never easy being No. 1, as Windows XP discovered in the first decade of the 20th century. Mischief-makers attacked Windows XP because 80 percent of the world’s population used it, giving Windows a nagging reputation — which is somewhat unfair — of being significantly less secure than Mac. Mobile malware makers target Android for the same reason that others ...

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Creepy Eyeball Lollipops

These things make me want to go to the dentist and have my sweet tooth removed immediately. Part creepy, part delicious, Patricia Briggs of Designer Lollipops created these awesome Eyeball Lollipops.

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Lollipop Pencils Give You Something to Chew On

Rubber is an acquired taste. Sugar, everyone loves. So it makes sense that pencil chewers ditch their pencil erasers for something a bit more appetizing. Lollipop Pencils replace the standard eraser with a flavored lolly candy. If you’re a wood nibbler, I’m still short on solutions. But hopefully the sweet taste of the candy eraser will deter you from chewing ...

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Why don’t you go suck a screwdriver?!

Despite popular belief, you can have your tools and eat them too. The classic screwdriver is made with a red cheap plastic base. You can find them in your local children’s toy tool kit. With the Screwdriver Lollipop, you can have the same classic novelty without the synthetic materials. OK, well it’s prob still made of synhetic materials, but at ...

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