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I Can Has Halloween? LOLCat Halloween T-Shirts

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again. It seems like only yesterday we were praising the efforts of big-headed men and pixelated women. This year, we predict Halloween is going to be much more culture oriented. Look for lots of Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore and perhaps Steven Slater costumes. For those of us who don’t dress ...

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Cat Can and Does Haz Cheezburger (Finally)

After nearly half a decade of meme stardom, the LOLcat internet meme finally came to an end today when a cat named Mittens successfully haz’d a cheeseburger, marking a milestone in both feline and meme history. Mittens is unavailable for comment until Caturday, though her owner, YouTube user roxy72, seemed happy enough letting her kitty nom on her cheezburger. At ...

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Seattle Mariners Host LOLCat Bobblehead Night

If I was Ken Griffey Jr., I’d be furious. You have to throw a promotional day this awesome the day after I announce my retirement? Why am I always over-shadowed? Why couldn’t we have Cheezburger Day just a week earlier? Hell, even a day earlier would have done just fine. Spectators attending tonight’s game will receive a free “Happy Cat ...

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When Memes Collide!: Trololo Cat

You see that lol in Trololo? That’s no accident. Check out this resident LOLCat singing along to Trololo as it gets its back rubbed. The kitty just can’t hold it back! When memes collide it’s all over. There’s no resisting it. Don’t even try. Link

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Real-Life Kittens, Real-Life Noms

And we had the nerve to think that all of that “om nom nom” stuff was nonsense. These kitties prove otherwise. Here’s all the proof you need to see that the mysterious “om nom nom” totally exists in nature. Link

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Kit In Box: I’m On Ur Desk, Watching U Workz

We don’t think your boss would go for it in your work cubicle, but the Kit In Box is a cute little addition to your home office, as long as you keep the litter box on the other side of your home. Instead of a constant stream of incoming papers to your In Box, your work is replaced by your ...

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