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Math Powered Light For Mathletes Only

Even if math isn’t exactly your bailiwick, you still can appreciate the idea behind this math-inspired lamp from designer Mingyu Jeung. Until you solve a randomly generated math problem, the lamp remains unlit. So if you’re calculator-dependent, you might be in trouble if you come across this lamp in a dark hallway. Good thing Jeung includes a chalkboard on the ...

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Programmer Fixes An Obsolete Vectrex

Forget what I said about the Vectrex, I was merely poking fun. It is a goofy looking but awesomely retro gaming console that’s easy to ridicule. If you just so happen to have one collecting dust in your attic because of an obsolete chip, In Choi writes on Programmable Logic DesignLine about emulating the chip with logic design. Choi proves ...

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Plastic Logic’s E-Newspaper Debuts

A relatively unknown company called Plastic Logic today unveiled it’s new technology called E-Newspaper. Designed to mimic the look but not the feel of newspaper, it’s supposed to put current versions of e-ink, such as the Kindle or eReader, to shame. The unnamed device will make it’s official debut come January 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (we’ll ...

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