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The Loch Ness Elephant

I’m thinking the Toy Dolls are kicking themselves in the shins right now for not altering their cover of “Nellie the Elephant” to read “Nessie the Elephant” (if you haven’t heard that song, find a way.) We thought we had the Loch Ness Monster figured out, we really did. But then we have to be mystified by a photo such ...

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Photographic Proof of the Real Loch Ness Monster: We Are So Screwed

We thought stories of such creatures were only myths. Clever ploys devised to sell t-shirts. But, oh, how wrong we were. Here is photographic proof that the reign of humans as masters of the universe will soon be coming to an abrupt end. I just hope they don’t know the cheat code for infinite ammo. God help us. Link

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