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A Jigsaw Puzzle of Your Local Area

Enter your address and zipcode and days later you’ll receive a customized jigsaw puzzle featuring your area, with your home marked in the center. Each puzzle is completely unique, depending on the customized address. Become even more familiar with your local area by searching for the next piece in the puzzle. Is the local Taco Bell here or further down ...

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Blizzard To Store UI Settings For World of Warcraft

Rash and I are finished with World of Warcraft but there’s still around 10 million people who are still grinding hard. Anyone who’s played the game and used UI add-ons like threat meters, CTMod, etc. know that it’s a pain in the ass logging on from another computer due to the issue of UI settings being localized. When Blizzard launches ...

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Find Your Inner Terry Gross: The NPR Map

You awake from your bed. It’s a Monday morning. You throw on the coffee pot, blink a few times and open up Gearfuse. Great. An NPR Map. It may not be exciting like a bunch of light up dildos, but it’ll keep you entertained for sure. With this NPR Map, you’ll be able to find out what your local NPR ...

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