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Sayonara Circuit City

March 8th. That’s Sunday. So that means you officially have about 48 hours to make your way to the nearest Circuit City in an attempt to score huge deals. I mean huge deals, too, ’cause come Sunday night, Circuit City will be closing its doors for good. With 567 stores around the country, liquidating the $1.7 billion in merchandise would ...

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Circuit City: Officially Over

We’ve been following the Circuit City bankruptcy very closely. Yesterday, we showed you some of the liquidation “deals” that readers posted around the Internet. Nothing spectacular there, but even less spectacular is Circuit City’s official website. It has no online store now and just announces the closing of all its stores, bankruptcy proceedings and other legal jib-jab. After 60 years, ...

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The Front Lines: Inside Circuit City’s Liquidation

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken was brave enough to stop by his local Circuit City in California to see what all the fuss was about regarding the company’s liquidation process. Inside, he found mediocre deals on mediocre equipment. No surprise there. Harry speculated that as the shelves become more bare, the discounts will increase. We agree. Still, I think it’s worth checking ...

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Breaking: Circuit City Liquidated, 35,000 Jobs Lost

MSNBC is reporting that Circuit City is done. Reports are saying that over 35,000 people will be out of a job by the time the entire company is liquidated. There’s not really any more information other than that and I’m not seeing this on other major news sites. Stay tuned if there’s mind-blowing information to be had. Otherwise, you heard ...

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