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LEGO Safe Won’t Protect from Sledge Hammer, Children Over Six

It’s a brick world, baby. But some gadgets, believe it or not, are better left un-brick-ified. While this LEGO Safe looks killer, I sincerely doubt that it would do much good protecting your valuables. The most I would store in here is maybe a few other LEGO bricks, some spare change, perhaps you could throw your stash in as well. ...

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LEGO Belt Buckle Brings Bricks to your No-No Region

It’s difficult not to have a hard-on for LEGO bricks when you live in the world of the geek. Everywhere you turn is another awesome or surprisingly useful implementation of these versatile bricks. Crafty designers Dee & Ricky have composed a set of LEGO-inspired fashion which includes this awesome LEGO Brick Belt Buckle. Also included are various bow-ties, headbands and ...

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LEGO Fire Skull: Fewer Bricks Than You Might Think

Bricks aren’t the only neat buildables offered by LEGO. The LEGO flame attachments have their own little sub-culture of fandom, as seen through this awesome LEGO Fire Skull built by resident LEGO pyro Billy McGill. If your friends are more of the death metal-type, they might not be all that impressed with other styles of LEGO modeling. But this skull ...

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