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The A-Z of Awesomeness: An Alternative Method of Learning the Alphabet

The future geeks of America are going to have about as much patience to learn in school as a mouse has patience to escape a mouse trap. Technology has minimized patience to a minimum, thanks to the speed of now. So, how are we going to teach future generations the essentials? Such as reading. The A-Z of Awesomeness caught my ...

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Nostalgia: Play Number Munchers Online

Wow. I saw the image on Doobybrain and was just immediately blown away. I haven’t played the classic learning game Number Munchers since 2nd or 3rd grade. That’s a long time ago. Lucky for me and other nostalgic nerds, someone was kind enough to port the Apple II version to the web for all of us to enjoy. Need to ...

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Food Chain Friends Are Morbidly Cute

What if I told you, the overworked mother, I could teach your child about science and let them enjoy some quality playtime simultaneously? I’m sure you’d burst into tears and start thanking me but I can’t take credit for this. The Food Chain Friends are a cute series of stuffed animals that eat each other and do it quite well. ...

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Gizmodo’s Ultimate Cable Guide

The crew at my old puking grounds, Gizmodo.com, have whipped up one of the most comprehensive guides to cables on the ‘net. Whether it’s USB to Firewire or CAT-5 or even DVI, you will leave incredibly educated on the subject of tech-related cables. Been trying to figure out what kind of charger that weird phone you got off Craigslist takes? ...

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