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Steve Jobs Comes Clean, Admits MobileMe Launch Sucked

Ars Technica has gotten a hold of an internal e-mail sent out to Apple employees yesterday. It’s from Steve Jobs and guess what? He’s not very happy about MobileMe. Not at all. In fact, Jobs thinks that MobileMe should have been rolled out piece-by-piece or delayed somewhat. He says the launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” “It was a ...

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Korea gets first dibs on RAZR 2

Ya know, Koreans get all the luck when it comes to cool mobile phone launches. Almost ALL of the cool designs get released over their first. The recently revealed RAZR 2 is no different. The iconic Motorola designed cell will make a Korean launch in June. The RAZR 2 will feature a 2-inch external screen and a 2.2-inch internal screen, ...

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