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Zombie Last Supper

Believe it or not, this is only the second most terrifying Last Supper ever. That’s right, an image of zombies gnawing on Jesus is the runner up. What the hell has the world come to? Also on the menu was cupcakes and shots. Sounds like a party! Link

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The Scariest Last Supper Ever

Coulrophobics heed my warning and lay your poor, pitiful heads into my bosom. Quick, cover your face. This is not for children’s eyes. That’s right. All three Jokers are present. Beat that Lovecraft. Link [via]

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The Internet’s Last Supper

If the Last Supper was attended by our favorite animals from the best internet memes across the web, it would have probably looked something like this. Just with more poop. Who else but Keyboard Cat could take the place of the man himself? And, wow, I’d be so star-struck if I happened to get a seat. But the tickets per ...

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