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Lacoste Goes Logo Crazy With The Alligator Logo Shirt

Design team, the Campana Brothers, teamed up with Lacoste, creators of the iconic alligator logo you see on the shirts of old men, golfers and preps everywhere, and they went slightly alligator crazy, as you can see. The shirt is entirely covered with the Lacoste alligator logo, available in limited printing, but available for purchase today. While I wouldn’t be ...

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Future Tennis Without Life Threatening Hazards On The Court

Combine the�urban security suit�with the�augmented reality mask�and you get the future outfit of pro-tennis. A recent Lacoste ad, celebrating the 75th�anniversary of the brand, shows a player dressed in a ridiculous garment, playing tennis in a fictional, digitally-enhanced room. The racket has robotic features and assembles itself right out of the bag. The walls measure the speed of your slice ...

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