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Bringing Sexy Back: LaCie Hard Disk Max External Drive

Beautiful piece of machinery, isn’t it? A piano black finish, glowing blue light. Right out of the Hotel Gansevoort or some equally swanky place. No, friends, this is no cocktail dispenser. This is a huge 2TB external drive from LaCie. You’d expect a two terabyte drive to cost quite a bit, correct? You sir, are incorrect. At $270, this is ...

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LaCie Huby stylishly takes over your desktop

The recently announced for pre-orders LaCie Huby can remake your desktop and serve an actual purpose at the same time. It’s design is obviously unique, as are all of the objects designed by Ora- ?to (whose resume includes the spherical OGO water bottle). This stylistic hydra of a hub allows for 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Firewire 400 pots, a ...

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