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The Last HOPE: Methods of Copying High Security Keys

The Netherlands-based locksporting group Toool held a panel at HOPE discussing new and advanced opening techniques for high security locks. We sat in on this two hour discussion with Barry Wels and Han Fey commenting on some unorthodox approaches to key copying. The speakers mentioned how easy it is to copy even the most exclusive of key profiles, which in ...

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Geek Boner: Star Wars Key Cover Set

The Star Wars franchise pushes on. Geeks looking to plunk down $11 on some Skywalker-themed gear should look no further than these gnarly key covers. Featuring intricate detailing and beautiful coloring, the Boba Fett or Clone Trooper key cover will not only keep your key safe, it’ll also help with your cred come the next ‘Wars convention. Insert random joke ...

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LadyBag Tells You What You’re Missing, Physically And Emotionally

We’ve seen a pretty wide array of uses for RFID tagging, including senior citizen control and kitteh management. LadyBag is a smart personal accessory which uses RFID tags to monitor the items you bring with you out of your home, such as your keys and wallet, and also judges your emotion based on your person-to-bag interaction. When the sensors on ...

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