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Capri Sun Jacket Requires Lots of Urination

Unless you have a huge family, crafting a jacket out of empty Capri Sun containers is going to require two sacrifices. Lots of drinking and lots of peeing. In fact, you’ll probably wind up doing both at once if you really want to finish this jacket in record time. Made using almost solely empty Capri Suns (with the exception of ...

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Robot Uses Artificial Beetle Juice To Cling To Gut

With all this RFID implant business going on, the Magic School Bus days are getting closer and closer. We already have a pill that’ll show you your insides, so what’s next? How about a robot you can swallow that attaches to your intestinal wall which can then perform biopsies, deliver drugs, or administer localized treatment to your gut? Metin Sitti, ...

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First Official iPhone Battery Pack Drops

Mophie must be ecstatic. As the first iPod/iPhone accessories manufacturer to nab the coveted “Works With iPhone” seal-of-approval, Mophie’s Juice Pack Battery Extender is likely to be the first sold in Apple stores and such. With an LED battery indicator on the back, similar to that found on Apple laptops, combined with long-ass battery life (24 hours of additional audio ...

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