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Super Nintoaster Makes SNES Games Om Nom Worthy

Shove your Super Nintendo games right into the toaster and prepare to smother them in butter and jam. The Super Nintoaster brings the pure unadulterated power of toast to the ancient Super Nintendo gaming system. And let’s be honest, this poor console is in dire need of a makeover. Basically what we’ve got here is a working SNES system packed ...

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PB&J Pillows Are Deliciously Comfortable

As a college student, I’d like to think I’m the go-to expert on all things peanut butter and jelly. It’s an inexpensive meal that is not only classic, but also delicious. That’s why you should take your leftover birthday money your ‘rents gave you and purchase these handmade PB&J pillows off Etsy. Created by user Diffractionfiber, each pillow is 16″ ...

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Jelly Architecture

Here’s a series of jellies that were designed by prestigious architects. And by prestigious I mean random. Each piece is currently on auction, so if you really fancy any of this stuff, feel free to whip out your Master Card.

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