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Cellphones, Charities and Extreme Sports

We talk about all three of the above topics here at Gearfuse. What better way to merge them all together than a charity auction being held for the Tony Hawk Foundation? If you head over to eBay right now, you’ll find the mother-load of charity auctions that features a DUB Edition Jeep Wrangler customized for Tony Hawk, VIP tix to ...

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Jeep unveils new Trailhawk Concept

Let�s get it out there first that a few years back Jeep unveiled a concept called the Hurricane, which allowed all 4 wheels to turn independently, and that never hit production; we�ll se how this one goes. Anyways, Jeep�s new Trailhawk is looking to bridge the gap between their Jeep Wrangler unlimited and their Cherokee. The Trailhawk is meant to ...

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