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Want A Killzone 2 Demo Code? Just Ask Sony

Apparently, a lot of people got pissed off about Sony’s little pay-to-play scheme that involved pre-ordering Killzone 2 in order to receive a code for the demo. Yes, the very same codes we gave out the other week. Sony is now trying to save face by offering up a “limited number of downloads” of the demo. The catch is, you’ll ...

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Contest: Win Killzone 2 Beta Codes

See these? These are official Killzone 2 beta invite codes for the Playstation 3. So if you love first-person shooters and own a PS3, the game you’ve been waiting years to play is finally available to you, our loyal Gearfuse reader. We have two invite codes to give away. All you need to do to get one is just leave ...

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