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Interior Decorating With LEGO Furniture

LEGO furnishings for your house can’t possibly be comfortable. Unless you’re a LEGO nutcase like that guy who makes LEGO gummies, there’s no way you could argue that the couch shown above is either visually or aesthetically pleasing. Yet, people all over the world decorate their homes with LEGO furnishings of all varieties. The French company Luna Blocks specializes in ...

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DIY: A Water Bottle Chandelier

When you’re in the market for a new chandelier to decorate your home, style is everything. Sometimes style is outweighed by design, which is the case with this water bottle chandelier designed by Michelle Brand. We’ve seen chandeliers made of all sorts of recycled junk. Ballpoint pens, CD cases and even milk crates can be used to make impressive-looking household ...

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