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The Vitruvian Inspector: Go Go Gadget Da Vinci!

Vitruvius Pollio, the man who inspired Leonardo da Vinci’s work on his iconic Vitruvian Man, once described the human body as being “the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture.” Maybe that’s true when you’re dealing with a perfectly proportioned male specimen, such as myself, but Inspector Gadget’s form is more akin to that of a fun ...

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5 Easily Obtainable Gadgets Will Make You A Superhero

Wired.com has compiled a list of easily obtainable gadgets that’ll have you wearing tights quicker than Billy Elliot. If you’ve got cash like Tony Stark, chances are you were born to be a super hero. Super-natural powers are overrated. Batman kicks the piss out of everyone, so all you need are the right gadgets. A grappling hook, jet pack, X-ray ...

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