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Nature’s Night Lights

Ryan was showing me some video of a hornet killing a cicada whilst we discussed posts about bugs. Then, I suddenly stumbled upon this video of a glowing trilobite beetle. Watch how it lights up in the dark like a raver’s glowstick. The ‘net doesn’t say too much about the creature but I did find this information on Mahalo: The ...

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Bee’s Project: Cancer In A Glass

It’s known around the science community that trained bees are known to be able to sniff out such ailments as forms of cancer, the common cold, even pregnancy (an ailment to some.) The Bee’s Project incases the yellow jackets into hand blown glass objects, where the insects can smell and hover over your saliva, telling you of all of the ...

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Discovery Venus Fly Trap Must Feed! OM NOM NOM

If I wanted a normal Venus Fly Trap, I’d go to my local florist. But normalcy is boring, so I’d pick one up from the Dicovery Store. Sure, it might not be a “real” plant, but can a real plant lure insects into its grasps, sense the fly’s motion, and then chomp down on the little guy, swallowing him (or ...

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