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Fly-Goodbye Gun: Show Insects Who’s In Charge

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned fly swatter? I blame that damn rap music. A fly will certainly know it’s facing impending doom when you cock your insect-targeted Glock in its direction. The Fly-Goodbye Gun features some sort of vacuum and internal tube adhesion system. While it does look pretty hardcore for a tool designed for small insect control, it’s ...

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Life-like Graphic Design For Animal And Robot Lovers Alike

We like art. Whether it be fusing plastics together, or building an impressive LEGO display inspired by Terminator, art is art. Especially if it’s art inspired by robotics, like these City Foundry Bots. Graphic designer and illustrator Juan Carlos Federico creates some fascinating digital collages that resemble living creatures gone robotic. They’ve ditched their organic ways for a body of ...

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SwashBot Can’t Save Your Life On The Battlefield

There are plenty of robots that are a hell of a lot more useful then Swashbot. Hell, there are a lot of robots that are even cuter then this mini-insectoid, yet there is something alluring about the DIY SwashBot. A certain charm, if you will. Constructed using spare R/C helicopter bits, including four servos, a receiver, a battery pack, LEDs, ...

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Moth Torture Unveiled By Paranoid Scientists

Much of the newest level of Big Brother-type surveillance seems overly paranoid for my taste, and this just takes it to a whole new level of suspicion. Scientists at Georgia Tech have been dabbling with an idea which is the best thing since Bird’s Ass View. The prospect of producing cyborg SpyBot moth’s, which are implanted with surveillance equipment in ...

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