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Mintpad: The Digital Post-It

The Mintpass Mintpad is a neat concept, had Nintendo not thought of its conception four years ago with the Nintendo DS. What seems like a glorified stand-alone version of the Nintendo DS’s Pictochat is also a portable media player, camera and web browser. With this lil’ tablet, you can send full color notes to any other Mintpad users with its ...

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Laptop That’s So Small It’s Practically Useless

It’s official – laptops can’t get any smaller. If they did, reading and typing on them would be an impossible task. I thought the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 was small, but the IMOVIO iKIT takes the cake. The cupcake, that is. This thing is unnecessarily too small. It’s dimensions are 95 x 65 x 15.5 mm and it weighs almost ...

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