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World of Warcraft Beer Stein

“Lord Thunderbrew requests you slay 5 rabbits in Darkshore. Your reward will be beer.” Sweet! You’re going to get drunk in WoW, but what about real life? After all, the more beer you chug, the better the women look. Do it up properly with this $90 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beer stein. It was designed by ...

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Gin and Tonic?

Not much is known about this print from designer Ian Dingman. I like the vintage look of the illustration and how it looks like a guy is clinging onto a lime for dear life. The rest of Ian’s work is equally pleasing, so make sure you click through to see more of his work. Link [via]

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Art From Nikki Cook

Did you love our interview with Evan Dorkin? For a similar style in art (at least in my opinion), check out Nikki Cook’s work at her website. I hear she has a few graphic novels coming out. Might be worth investigating. Link

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Life-like Graphic Design For Animal And Robot Lovers Alike

We like art. Whether it be fusing plastics together, or building an impressive LEGO display inspired by Terminator, art is art. Especially if it’s art inspired by robotics, like these City Foundry Bots. Graphic designer and illustrator Juan Carlos Federico creates some fascinating digital collages that resemble living creatures gone robotic. They’ve ditched their organic ways for a body of ...

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Gearfuse Interviews: Evan Dorkin

Whether you’re into comics or an avid Adult Swim fan, you’re bound to run into Evan Dorkin’s work. Creator of the absurd, yet hilarious Milk and Cheese and Dork! series along with the television show Welcome to Eltingville, his artwork is both unique and twisted with humor, violence and tasteless jokes. Needless to say, we’re fans. We asked Evan to ...

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