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Design your own watch in your own abode

121TIME is an online store that lets you design your own watch to your own specs, without having to leave your desk. They offer the best of customized and personalized Swiss watches, which your wrist will thank you for. Watchmakers are tapping into the internet to sell their custom products, with a order-to-ship time of only 10 days. While you ...

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Be the king of bling with the Hublot Million Dollar Watch

Yo, dawg. We gots a question for y’all homeboys. Is there such thing as too much bling? Normally that answer would be, “Umm, we don’t think so, but ask Lil’ John.” But this addition to the Hublot series of Big Bang watches makes us believe that there is indeed the possibility to have to much ice around your wrist. With ...

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