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Will You Get Over Steve Jobs Already?

Look, I love Apple as much as the next guy does, but this is ridiculous. The press and bloggers are becoming rabid paparazzi as they demand to know every detail about Steve Jobs’ life. I mean look as this shit on Techmeme. Is this seriously the biggest news out there? That a hospital tried to keep the identity of one ...

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Cyborg Tales: Startup Using RFID Implants

Ever since some jackass got an RFID implant in his hand, every geek on the planet has been itching to get one. After all, if you could open your front door or turn on a CD player with the wave of your hand, wouldn’t you get the procedure done? Of course you would. Unless of course, the Mafia is going ...

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Evacusled: Sledding Your Way To Safety

Evacuations are sometimes mandatory in times when a possible disaster could take many lives. This all sounds well and good, but formulating these evacuation plans are not so simple. How do you organize a mass evacuation of a hospital in which there are many bed ridden patients, some of these patients possibly being cancer victims, burn survivors, amputees, or even ...

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