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Does That Snowblower Have A HEMI In It?

No, but you’re close. This fucking bulldozer-like Hellchild of a machine is the work of Kai Grundt, a Canadian Metalworker who threw a V8 engine in a snow-blowing machine. Why the excess power? Well it snows quite a bit in Canada and like any sane person, Kai didn’t feel like throwing his back out and shoveling for hours. So what ...

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Gas-powered Snowboard

Take the fun of a snowmobile and put it on a snowboard. That’s the idea here. If you love going up to the mountains in the winter and carving up the trails, you’ll fall in love with this $2000 toy from Hammacher Schlemmer. It features a 6.5 horsepower engine that can carry riders up to 250 pounds at up to ...

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Lamborghini’s Enzo Rival Spotted

If you thought the Ferrari Enzo was fast and exotic, wait till you see what Lamborghini is working on. This new model, supposedly named the ‘Jota’, will feature a monstrous V-12 engine delivering at least 700 horsepower to all four wheels. With one huge exhaust pipe, crazy bored out wheels and curves that would make Queen Latifah jealous. It will ...

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