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R2-D2 Hoodie Turns Droid Dreams Into Droid Realities

Which Star Wars character, with the exception of Chewbacca of course, could be referred to as adorable. Ewoks? Okay, fine. Star Wars might have its own wide variety of cuteness, but I think R2-D2 fits the bill pretty well too. Something about his dogged persistence and sensitive vulnerability really struck a chord with my heart strings. Which is why this ...

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Super Mario Hoodies

One of the best things about this time of the season is that we get to whip out our stylish hoodies, especially over here in Jersey where the smog blocks out the sun. We’ve seen a fair share of cool hoodies in our day, but none that explore the majesty of Super Mario. I’m pretty sure it’s a law that ...

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Adult Swim Clothing Line Debuted

The gang over at Cartoon Network’s Williams Street team has branched out from animation with a new clothing line called Finer Things. Right now, there’s only three Adult Swim-related garments up for grabs but they’re pretty cool. For $75, you can get a pair of preppy golf pants with the Mooninites all over ’em. There’s also a Robot Chicken hoodie ...

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Blow Me: Hoodies Made From Used Blow Up Dolls

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that designer Mama Anders loves to fuck. I mean, why else would she have dozens of blow up dolls with which to make clothing out of? It’s clearly the only logical reasoning here. Nevertheless, I’m sure you already want one of these hoodies. They look fashionable as ...

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